Sea fishing at Hav & Fjell

ARCTIC SEA & MOUNTAIN camp is ideal for all kinds of fishing

Sea fishing

Sea fishing in our area can be enjoyed all year round, but most prefer spring, summer and autumn. Our facilities are lo- cated in a sheltered area, but not far from the open waters where the Norwegian Sea meets the Barents Sea. We provide boats and fishing equip- ment for rent. A fish processing shed is provided for cleaning and preparing of the days’ catch

Fishing in mountain lakes

The name Ringvassøy literally means ‘island of many lakes’, because there are over 500 mountain lakes of various shapes and sizes. The lakes upper and lower Bjørnskarvann and Åbornesvann are within walking distance from our camp. Also the other islands around Ringvassøy have very many excellent fish- ing lakes (in winter and spring you can try ice-fishing).

Salmon fishing in rivers

An approximately 30 minute drive will take you to the river Skogsfjordelva, which is home to both salmon and sea trout.