Northern lights tour with Guide Gunnar

If you want to chase down the Northern Lights then you should join a guide who will bring you to where the best weather conditions are.

Sometimes we will have to drive all the way to the Finnish border and if we will have to stay out on the trail an hour more because of that, I won’t charge you extra for it. What is most important to me is that you as a guest shall have the absolutely best possibility to experience what you have come here for; to see the dance of Aurora on the nightern skies.

GuideGunnar`s Aurora season goes from September to April!

Please bring your passport (or another ID for EU citizens) on GuideGunnar`s Aurora tours,

because sometimes we have to run a little longer into Finland to catch the best weather.

GuideGunnar’s services:

  • If necessary we will stay an hour over the scheduled time, at no additional cost
  • Photos from tonight’s Aurora tour will be sent by e-mail at no additional cost
  • Warm suits and thermo boots are included in all GudieGunnar`s Aurora tours
  • There is a couple of tripod`s available for free use