Guiding in Helgøy Church

It is known that the first church on Helgøy was built before 1589, when Helgøy still was a part of Torsvåg. A new church came in 1660 and was demolished in 1889. The church that we find on Helgøy today was first build in Hemnes, Helgeland in 1741. It was taken down in 1872 and moved to Hamn I Senja in 1876/77. After the cubermine closed down the church was bought and rebuild on Helgøy.

The church was formally opened on 3rd of July 1889. You will find an original altar piece, 2 bells made in 1876 in Trondheim and other exciting artefacts that still can be seen today. The old bell from Helgøy is now placed in the chapel in Dåfjord. You can also find old figures from 1400 made in Luebeck that are still a part of the altar today.

Come with us back in time and let us tell you about the church, its artefacts and most important its history.