Bird safari with boat

Nord Fugløy has among one of Europe’s largest colonies of white-tailed sea eagle and the home of several rare Arctic bird species

The small bird island north of Vannøy island, is protected due to its large colonies of white-tip sea eagles. In addition to the great chances of spotting the majestic sea eagle, there are several other endangered and rare bird species to be spotted in this area. Such as common eiders, cormorants, red knot, razorbills, puffins, storm petrels, steller’s eider, black-throated loon, guillemots, golden plover, lapwing, redshank and ruff to mention a few.

Practical information

We will pick you up with a mini bus from Tromsø Tourist Information Centre. We will drive to Ringvassøy island, about an hour drive, where we will board a confortable sea cruiser on our way to the bird island. Firstly, we will catch some fresh fish which we will use to attract the birds, in particular the sea eagles. On our way to the island, we may be able to meet upon whales or seals.

If the weather is poor, we will make it to some of the closer islands and attract the birds there.

Upon request this tour can be taken in the morning or in the evening as a midnight sun tour. The tour will request a minimum of 5 passengers and a maximum of 22 passengers.

Included in the tour: Transport, lunch, coffee & tea, cakes and biscuits.